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1. Style – Creating an experience that will be uniquely entertaining. Planning the itinerary with your personalized style in mind.

2. Connection – Encouraging your guests to be Active participants

3. Direction – Guiding and Directing the often overlooked details of your special day to ensure the event goes as smoothly as possible. Communicating with your other Vendors before and during the event to make sure the team is all on the same page.

4. Enjoyment – By creating and producing an environment for lively dancing.

5. Freedom – Relieving your stress so you can enjoy your day.

6. Character – Serving as your Polished and Eloquent spokesman, by understanding your personal style.

7. Fidelity – Providing appropriately amplified Audio support so your vows will be heard during the ceremony, the people providing toasts will be heard at the reception, and your guests will be able to converse during dinner.

8. Value – Providing you and your guests unforgettable reception entertainment to fit the style and feel of your event.

9. Insurance – Pacific Entertainment is also Fully Insured for your protection!






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