Choosing The Right Music For Your Event...

Don't think the music is only there for you to enjoy!

Whether you are planning a Wedding Reception, Company Party, or High School dance, you have to put a lot of thought into the style of music. The formula is pretty simple - there is none! The only thing you want to think about is the age of the people at the event.

This goes for any event....Age is the one most important factor in the choice of music for the evening, not what the hosts like to hear. Here's an example. I hear it all the time at wedding receptions, generally when the dance floor has a good amount of happy people dancing, "I'm the brides mother (or sister), turn this crap off and play something good". Think about it O' great one, look on the dance floor and tell me that your older crowd as well as the fun youngsters aren't having a blast dancing, and you want to ruin it for them. Tell me that you paid a professional a lot of money so you can tell them how much better you are at picking music than they are are. Tell me you have REALLY thought about what everybody else may be enjoying and dancing to throughout the evening. The point is that you need to let everybody enjoy a wide range of music, not only the scheduled songs you wanted to hear. If you don't remember this, then a lot of mixed members of your crowd will do one or all of the following:

1) Talk about how terrible the DJ is with their music selection.
2) Leave out of music boredom.
3) Hide the fact they aren't having the great time they could be having.

Of course there are special songs you would like to hear for sure, just don't narrow the music selection to one format that you only want to hear. The best suggestion I have for people preparing to host an event is to pick out the songs you don’t wish to hear, give the D.J. this list and your special song list and pretty much let them do what you are paying them to do. Make your event a huge success!

1) Pick out music that flows well with the age group attending.
2) Let the DJ run the show, they are the professional you've hired.
3) Tell the DJ company if you prefer they not play songs with sexual or vulgar references beforehand.

Learn to enjoy a wide variety of music that your entire crowd will enjoy and the compliments will flow like beer!


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